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Through the ANIMAKERS CLUB you’re able to link to a worldwide animation community - with free Social Media, Courses, Podcasts and Events. Everything is in one place and designed to give you the finest community environment that any animator could wish for. The ANIMAKERS CLUB is powerful, easy to use and can be quickly accessed from your desktop, your tablet and your mobile phone. Enjoy the first month FREE then just pay a single low cost, annual fee of just $4.99 for all the good stuff after that! Paid classes are available too – but with a 25% discount for members.

You should join the "ANIMAKERS CLUBif you want to...

  • ANIMATE! A FREE monthly drawing or animation challenge is offered to members and Facebook-based non members alike. However, members submitting via the ANIMAKERS CLUB will receive individual feedback on their work. At the end of each month entries will be judged and the best awarded a digital certificate. The most successful member entering throughout the year will receive a “Golden Pencil Award” at the network’s one “DRAWTASTIC Animation Festival.
  • EXPLORE & COMMUNICATE! Members of the ANIMAKERS CLUB will have access to their own worldwide animation community, which can share in animation-related social networking, free courses and special events. Paid Masterclasses will come with a 25% discount for all ANIMAKERS CLUB members!
  • SUPPORT! Whether you do or do not do animation yourself, you can still support and inspire members in the community that do! With it’s Facebook-like social media feed, members can chat, post, admire and even critique great animation that is posted there. In that way it is a great place for animation Fans too!
  • SHARE! Got something unique or inspiring to show? The ANIMAKERS CLUB is the perfect place to share, promote and even sell too. As long as it is animation-related, then you’ll find it is a perfect platform to show others what you do.
  • GROW: The ultimate purpose of the ANIMAKERS CLUB is to transform your own work as well as help transform the work of others. So this great community will offer you mentorship, knowledge and experiences – as you can do for other members.  Together we can grow the quality of our animation, our community and our industry.

Now listen to the thoughts of founder Tony White on life, learning and the teaching animation - as spoken to Erin Lefler in her "The Drawing Board" podcast interview...


FREE Courses:


This informal course is ideal for animators or other sedentary workers who suffer from the effects of "Repetitive Stress Injuries". Conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, neck, back and eye disorders are just a few of the conditions can be relieved by these tried and tested exercise suggestions.


This short but sweet course on the history of animation covers all the significant moments of animation’s rich history – but all in 47 bite sized pieces. Each short video addresses most of the major moments – from the first silent efforts, through to the arrival of digital animation. This course places a strong emphasis on Hollywood animation in particular.

Paid for Courses (25% discount for members):


The online "Having Fun With Animation" course presents all the core principles of movement – but through the use of traditional hand-drawn FLIPBOOKS. This 27 video collection is suitable for anyone who has a love for drawing. Perfect for kids from age 11 to 111!


Inspired by Tony White's respected book, "The Animator's Sketchbook", this course offers a weekly drawing exercise designed to teach animation through observational gesture drawings. The course offers 52 consecutive exercises, but can be completed alone and at your own pace.

More ANIMAKERS CLUB online courses are already well into the planning stage.

The “DRAWTASTIC Animation Festival”

 The DRAWTASTIC Animation Festival is now celebrating its 8th event. The festival was initially staged at the Historic Theater in Everett, WA, after which it moved to the IMAX Theater in Seattle. The inaugural event was opened by the late Roy E. Disney, nephew of Walt. Now entirely an online festival – now in its 3rd year in that format - the event attracts animation entries from all around the world. Animated winners in each category are able to win the festival’s respected Golden Pencil Award. The annual festival's award-winning film show is screened FREE for member every February via the ANIMAKERS CLUB network. Details for entering the 2020/21 event can be found HERE.

Support young animators through our “BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE” scholarship program!

ANIMAKERS is 100% committed to supporting diversity and opportunity for your student animators everywhere. To to do this we are very proud to announce our unique scholarship program that provides FREE membership to a worthy recipient, whenever someone purchases a full membership for himself or herself. Scholarships are limited to a maximum of 25 recipients each year and each recipient has to be confirmed as worthy, prior to a scholarship being given.  So, regular members can join our network and know that their payment is an investment in the animation future of someone else.
Scholarship applicants should write to [email protected] and explain why they feel they qualify for a scholarship. Once we receive your application, we'll reach out to you and give you, as well as a responsible adult connect to you, to confirm your situation. If we receive written confirmation that you're eligible, we’ll add you to our “Buy One, Get One Free” scholarship list.

Join us: We think we have all the right moves!

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